Full Service Tunnel


Developed to produce long lasting foaming action that delivers great cleaning power. Dirt and grime are deteriorated and washed away from the vehicles body, leaving a residue free clean surface. Engineered to outperform older industry formulations while maintaining a cost effective price point.

  • Foamy pre-soak (pH neutral)
  • Alkaline Cleaner
  • Low pH pre-soak


Specialized line of super concentrated detergent safe for all vehicle finishes. Blended with biodegradable, surface-active detergent properties that break down road film on contact. Anti-corrosion water softening agents combined with gloss enhancing properties guarantee maximum lubrication while it quickly rinses, resulting in a lustrous finished surface.

  • High Foam quick rinse detergent

Foam Polish Conditioners

When activated with water it creates a deep colorful lather that results in a truly visible difference in the car appearance that will satisfy the most discriminating customers. Its specially formulated glossing agents deliver a superior shine while protecting the vehicle’s surface.

  • Conditioners (red, yellow, blue, and green)

Dry Agents

Blended with water bonding molecules that work to create a protective film on the vehicle’s surface, which causes water to bead, this beading improves the effectiveness of the drying blowers.

Sealer Wax

Formulated to provide increased protection against weathering. Also enhances the overall luster of the vehicle, with its cationic characteristics that form an invisible film on the vehicle.

Upholstery Shampoo

Use upholstery and carpet shampoo to remove tough stains, embedded dirt, and odor from fibers. Formulated to deep clean fabric, upholstery and carpet fibers safely and quickly.

  • Use as a spot cleaner or run through extractor machine

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Super concentrated multipurpose cleaner that can be used for a myriad of applications from degreasing engines to spot cleaning carpets. Designed to be strong enough to cut through the toughest grime yet can be diluted so that it is gentle enough for spot cleaning carpets. Economical yet extremely effective.

  • Removes grease, oil, pet stains, some inks, and much more
  • Great for degreasing engines and wheels

Final Touchup

Can be used on chrome, glass, and painted surfaces. Formulated with pure gloss enhancers to deliver streak-free mirror perfect finish to any type of finish.

  • Anti-static formula discourages the settling of new dust
  • Delivers a high gloss, high shine, deep wet finish

Tire Dressing

Molecularly engineered to provide long lasting protection against the damaging effects of UV rays. Developed with an advanced emulsification process to provide binding or cling to applied surfaces restoring and retaining essential oils, vital to plastic, rubber and vinyl. As a result of the binding process tires and trim take on a deep dark glossy shine.

  • Available in both cream and spray

Leather Conditioner

Fine leather conditioner developed to clean, preserve, polish, soften and condition leather and vinyl. Special oils are infused to gently clean as it replenishes the natural oils in all finished leathers.

  • Available as a cream