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Cleaning your vessel, RV, semis, or commercial vehicles is essential, and so are the products you use. We offer specially formulated cleaning and detailing products to protect and restore surfaces.

Our current chemicals are formulated for various surfaces from fiberglass, steel, to carbon fiber.  Selecting the right chemical for the right job will cut time and cost.

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Partner with KI for your Commerical and Recreational Vehicle product production 

Over 30 years of experience in meeting customer-specific chemical needs.

A portfolio of more than 80,000 products servicing automotive care, janitorial, Commercial & Industrial, Pet Care, Boats, RV, and Aviation care.

Our global network of over 2,000 chemical suppliers and partner manufacturers guarantees a close loop supply-chain ensuring product quality and delivery.

State-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facility to provide turn-key service from blending to bottling.

Your complete team of Chemist, Engineers, Quality Assurance, and Service team to help grow and scale your business.

Complete product development and support through every phase, from concept to the finished products.

Ki Liquid Engineering is the one-stop solution for your product development and supply-chain needs. Providing cutting-edge science to achieve innovation and efficiency, to help grow your business and products.

KI Liquid Engineering Commercial & Recreational Vehicle Products

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