Custom Formulation, Tolling, & Blending

Ki Liquid Engineering offers the ability to toll blend and pack to deliver on product quality and consistency your brand every time.   

Custom Formulation, Tolling, & Blending

KI Liquid Engineering can provide formulation and blending services to meet your industry-specific requirements. We leverage a deep network of raw material suppliers to deliver the value you need, along with the process efficiency and competitive pricing that allow you to stand out among your competition.

We vertical integrated manufacturing abilities allows for small batch production to large scale national distribution with complete logistic support.  


Co-Packing, Labeling, & Logistic Support

KI Liquid Engineering is a partner you can depend on to deliver a complete service including bottling, labeling, and custom packaging needs.  Our marketing team will help you with your label development or work with your design team to ensure consistency in branding. 

Our complete supply chain resources can be an asset to your company and deliver products anywhere coast to coast quickly and efficiently while reducing logistic and manufacturing cost.    

Our Brand Ready Proven Formulas Include:

  • All Purpose Cleaners
  • Auto Car Care Products
  • Ceramic Based Products
  • Degreasers for residential or commericial 
  • Glass Cleaners and spot remover
  • Odor Eliminator and Custom Scents
  • Disinfectant and Sanitation
  • Polishing Chemicals
  • Specialty Solvents
  • Many more..

Bring your product from concept to completion!

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