Product Industry: Automotive Industry

Inspection Spray

Removes Filler & Wax Oils

Works Quickly

Quick & Easy to Use

Inspection Spray

Inspection Spray Surface Preparation #J937 is a wax and oil remover that allows your skills to be fine-tuned simply by spraying a light mist on the surface and wipe away polish/compound residue. By wiping away polish/compound residue you can view true results and see any imperfections clearly, an important step not to skip in between polishing stages. Removing polishing oils from the painted surface with Inspection Spray Surface Preparation #J937 is easy. It also creates the perfect oil free clean surface, allowing for your choice of coating, sealant, or wax to be applied, ensuring durability of the protectant. Inspection Spray Surface Preparation #J937 is a necessary product to have if you are a paint polishing professional.