Whether you are engaged in initial research or scaling up to full production we can help.

At KI Liquid Engineering we provide the best and most cost-effective custom blending solutions on the market, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities, without having to worry about legal, environmental and operational issues. We strive to offer value added services in an efficient and responsible manner, while observing strict environmental and GMP protocols. We supply our customers with high quality, private labeled products without huge minimum case order guarantees. We can take your product idea from a concept to research and sample development, to manufacturing, packaging, and labeling the final product.

Our Offerings Include

  • 30 + years experience in meeting customer-specific chemical needs
  • A portfolio of more than 80,000 products servicing Car Care, Janitorial, Industrial, commercial laundry, Metal Finishing, Aircraft cleaning, Boat and RV cleaning and protection.
  • A global network of over 2,000 chemical suppliers and partner manufacturers operating under confidentiality agreements
  • Custom Blending
  • Product development
  • Private Labeling

Why you should try us?

We support your chemistry with:

  • 100% service guarantee
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Engineering excellence
  • One stop solution

KI Liquid engineering professionals have the experience needed.

We have the experience needed to create the best blend for your business to clean and protect effectively, while cutting cost and reducing waste. We look forward to proving we will be the most innovative, reliable and cost effective custom blending partner you will ever work with.

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